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Instagram Isn’t Just for Phones Anymore

  • 90 million monthly active users
  • 40 million photos per day
  • 8,500 likes per second
  • 1,000 comments per second

InstagramNo we’re not talking about Facebook, Pinterest or even Houzz, we’re talking about Instagram. This fast, fun app used to share photos with friends has taken off since launching in 2010, and now it has spread its reach even further to the land of the web browser.

That’s right, Instagram isn’t just for your smartphone anymore. Users are now able to access the site in formats friendly for their desktop, laptop and even smartphone to check out content. However, the co-founders have remained insistent that the actual uploading of photos will only remain available in the app, maintaining the original focus for sharing your life on the go.

What does this mean for businesses? Easier accessibility. With the ability to view your entire photo stream and user profiles from any device, businesses will now have more ways to take advantage of the photos others share with them or photos they take themselves. Instead of just sharing your photos on social media through the app, you can now access its specific url to use it elsewhere, including in your blog. Additionally, being able to access the photos you have your customers tag you in or that they share with you will allow you to more easily share them with the world.

Still not buying into the importance of Instagram for business? You should be. With more than 54 percent of Interbrand‘s top 100 brands actively using this app and many companies utilizing it to host giveaways and connect with fans, the photo sharing app has proven itself as a viable social marketing tool.

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