Integration Increases Effectiveness of Email Marketing

email marketingAccording to recent MarketingSherpa research, while many companies are integrating their email marketing campaigns with their company’s website and social media channels, only a handful have taken the next step to include other important channels.

The survey asked, “Which marketing channels does your organization integrate with your email program? Select all that apply.” Unsurprisingly, 75 percent of respondents selected website integration and 56 percent included social media. However, only 35 percent utilized their blog, and even less, 21 percent, indicated that they use mobile integration.

Since mobile has increasingly become a primary source for checking and sending emails, the fact that only 21 percent of companies are integrating their email marketing with mobile devices is shocking. Adding to this is the fact that in the same survey, respondents estimated 25 percent of subscribers were reading their emails on mobile devices. This gap means that many would-be buyers are unable to easily view your email marketing campaigns – in other words your sales pitch is going straight to the trash.

In a world where buyers are connected to companies not just through traditional advertising methods, but also websites, social media and even smartphones and tablets, it’s important to integrate your email marketing campaigns with as many channels as possible.

If you’re looking to design and implement an effective email marketing program that will move your company out of your potential customer’s trash and into their inbox, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.