Internet Users Suffering From Password Overload

Website design According to the results of the Janrain 2012 Online Registration and Password study, most adults have more than five unique passwords. And, they are likely to forget at least one password  a month.

Most consumers know the importance of creating a variety of strong, original passwords in order to safeguard their online identity. However, the problem can actually be coming up with different ones that you can remember!

Interesting findings from the study include:

  • 58 percent of adults have five or more unique passwords
  • 30 percent have more than 10
  • OIder people are more likely to have more unique passwords than millenials
  • Men have the highest average number of unique passwords at 9.8
  • 37 percent of people have to ask for assistance on their username or password for at least one website a month
  • 84 percent of people don’t like to register on a website

This last finding is especially crucial for businesses to recognize. Users don’t want to be hassled into creating a username or password on every site they visit especially when they don’t know how their personal information will be used. The two top common reasons users don’t want to register are having to remember another set of login information and long registration forms. However, 62 percent of adults would be more willing to enter their personal information if they knew how the site was going to use their information.

When it comes to website design and user interface, businesses would be wise to keep these recent findings in mind. Make your consumers presently surprised by not requiring them to register, or if you do, telling them exactly why and how their information will be used.

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