Introducing Generation C

TechnologyC is for connected.

Connected is exactly what people between the ages of 18-34 are. Members of this generation were formally dubbed the Millennial’s or Gen Y; however now they are being called Generation C, according to Nielsen because they are connected to technology 24/7.  Often referred to as digital natives, this generation is constantly connected to the outside world and uses smartphones and tablets to text, tweet and surf. I even used to call them Generation ‘T’ for Text.

The latest Census data found that Americans aged 18-34 make up 23 percent of the U.S. population, yet they represent an oversized portion of consumers that interact online. 27 percent of total consumers watching online videos, 27 percent of consumers visiting social networking sites, 33 percent of consumers who own a tablet and 39 percent of consumers who use a smartphone are Generation C. Being constantly connected presents a new challenge to companies. There are now more ways than ever to engage these potential consumers, and companies need to take advantage of online connected interaction if they plan on reaching Generation C. It can also be hard to break through the online noise to reach these inundated consumers.

To reach this interconnected generation, it is more important than ever to be where they are. Companies need to launch mobile sites, interact via social media and be proactive about reputation management.

If your company is interested in developing a marketing strategy to reach Generation C, contact the team at Marketing RELEVANCE.

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