Introducing the Newest Facebook

Facebook Redesign Facebook is officially six years old. The social media Web site that started out as and only catered to college students has grown leaps and bounds over the last six years and just reached a new mile stone: 400 million users.

In honor of its birthday Facebook launched a redesign focused on helping users better navigate the site, find new games and applications and  communicate more effectively with friends. 80 million users have been upgraded and the rest will see the new homepage in waves over the next week.

Navigation on the new design has changed drastically, now all of your most important links in the left navigation. This bar includes your news feed messages (inbox), photos, friends, bookmarks and a new applications and games dashboard.

Communication on the new design is easier than ever with three new icons that update in real time. You won’t have to refresh to see who has added you as a friend, sent you a message, or receive a notification. All of that information updates automatically and can be found in the upper left hand corner.

Chatting with your friends is now easier than ever. All of your friends that are online will appear in a bar on the left hand side. By simply clicking their name you are able to start a new chat with them.

News Feed and Live Feed are still a part of the new Facebook design, but they have been renamed to Top News and Most Recent News.