iPhone 3GS Debuts!

For Apple fans, today has been a long time coming.  Apple officially released the successor to the iPhone 3G named the iPhone 3GS.  According to Apple, the “S” stands for “speed”.  The new phone features an improved graphics chip and a new processor that is almost twice as fast as the iPhone 3G.  The new iPhone has also increased its maximum capacity to 32 GB; a 16 GB model is also available.  It is interesting to note that Apple is still offering the iPhone 3G in the 8G version for only $99 with 2-year contract.  This provides a great entry-level phone for customers new to “smartphones” or looking for a cheaper alternative the to 3GS.

This past Wednesday, Apple released the iPhone 3.0 operating system.  The new OS is compatible with all iPhone models but provides enhanced functionality for the new 3GS.  The 3GS includes a magnetometer, a sensor that is able to determine the cardinal direction you are facing.  This hardware addition will prove to be particularly useful in enhancing the GPS functionality of the 3GS.  For instance, the Google Maps app will now automatically rotate in the direction you are traveling.  This is a worthwhile feature for turn-by-turn car navigation apps, which have been created by standalone GPS companies such as TomTom.

The new operating system includes copy and paste as well; a perviously absent feature that prompted innumerable complaints from the tech community.  The OS also provides better support for the keyboard in landscape mode and improved search functionalities.  While 3GS is not an essential upgrade for current iPhone 3G owners, its overall speed increase will please iPhone-newcomes and previous owners alike!