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Is Captivating Content Still Possible in the Digital Age?

Social media contentIn today’s age, organizations are susceptible to information overload. What sticks and what goes?

Before starting anything, users of social media must know where the organization stands now , where they want to go and what will it take to get them there. Unfortunately, organizations can venture into social media too quickly only to lose vision. The popular questions are “How many tweets should I be doing daily?” or “How can I increase my likes on Facebook?” Stop! Think about what you want to accomplish first.

By defining the purpose of social media usage, achieving the best content strategy is easy. The big kids on the block—Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even LinkedIn and Flickr—have become standard for PR programs and traditional media.

The Public Relations Strategist described these four tips on what stays and what goes:

1. Satisfy community needs- Use Google Analytics to know the tabs on which Web pages and blog posts attract the most visitors and interaction. Then, prioritize topics based on observations and metrics.

2. Is the brand restricting?– Sometimes the brand of an organization can actually constrain rather than benefit the company. Don’t just think directly brand-related tactics but also think tactics that are adjacent to the brand. Although they may not generate immediate leads, it can pay off in the future.

3. Use free tools- By plugging in keywords with the Google Keyword Tool, Google will provide additional related keywords to increase your competition level and number of monthly searches. Also, Google Insights allows you to analyze statistics of keywords by category and geography to better fine-tune Google searches. Marketing RELEVANCE can also help with search engine optimization.

4. Be a filter- Create an editorial content calendar and start thinking like a media company. Be a content editor by choosing what information is the most relevant and interesting.

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