Is Relevance Overrated?

relevance in marketingWhat is relevance? You hear it talked about often. Everyone wants to make sure that their messages are relevant, and for good reason. Marketers who target messages based on subscriber interests tend to yield higher response rates. Additionally, sending out too many irrelevant messages will lead to potential customers unsubscribing from future email communications, Facebook status updates and Tweets, not to mention just ignoring your communications in general. But, when we talk about relevance, are we even on the same page as our consumers? And, when it comes to internet marketing, is relevance even really relevant?

The answer: a HUGE yes! Relevance is a very important issue and marketers are more or less on the same page as consumers. However, we may not always be speaking the same language. Morgan Stewart, Co-Founder and CEO of Trendline Interactive, found in a recent study that consumers are most likely to use the word “relevant” in a negative way. As in, that message is “not relevant” or “irrelevant” to me.

However, Morgan also found that consumers are using terms such as “interesting,” “informative” and “helpful” when discussing companies that do a good job marketing to them. In other words, clients are interpreting relevance as the words listed above. So, before you write off relevance as being an overrated or archaic concept, realize that there is still a place for it in your marketing efforts (both online and offline). The important thing is to relay to your consumers that you care them and their needs.

So, what do you think: is relevance still relevant?