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Is Your Marketing Making the Grade?

Marketing Report CardDo your marketing efforts make the grades your business needs in order to succeed? Would you want to hang your corporate marketing report card on the fridge?

Sometimes, it’s hard to recognize where your company’s marketing and communication efforts are lacking, so getting an outside opinion is very beneficial. That’s why mRELEVANCE is offering companies the chance to see which areas need improvement with its marketing report card.

In the report card, your company’s website, marketing and branding, public relations, social media and search optimization strategies will be reviewed so that you know whether or not they are meeting their fullest potential. Specific areas include engagement, cohesive branding, published news, ongoing campaigns, consistent blog material, adequate amount of followers and interaction on the top social media sites, highly ranked keywords and effective on-page and off-page SEO.

After being reviewed, each item will be given a score by our team. The grading scale consists of Unsatisfactory, Needs Improvement, Satisfactory and Outstanding marks. There will also be helpful notes for improvement under each category.

So far, while some companies had outstanding marks in one category, they were lacking in other departments. We think it’s time for them to spend a few extra hours hitting the books. However, companies who have turned to mRELEVANCE to improve their strategies have been graduating at the top of their class.

Is it time that your company gets a tutor? To get your report card, contact mRELEVANCE today at 770-383-3360. To learn more about our services, click here.