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Is Your Marketing Plan Reaching Your Target Audience?

internet marketingFor generations, Americans have huddled around the television for information, entertainment, to bond over family movie night or for a minute of mindless distraction at the end of the day. However, with the introduction of Netflix, Hulu and other online sources for traditional television programming, many Americans are leaving their T.V. sets (at least for a moment) and turning to the Internet for amusement.

In fact, a new survey of more than 30,000 Americans conducted by Forrester found that we now spend as many hours online as we do in front of the television; about 13 hours a week. In light of this new research, many businesses may be wondering if their current marketing plans are up to par. Well, it’s time to stop questioning and start adjusting to new trends and market developments.

If your organization doesn’t have an online presence or if that online presence isn’t working to drive business to your website, it’s not too late. Through Internet marketing, social media marketing and public relations, mRELEVANCE can create a strategy that defines your core messages, determines your key audiences and delivers those messages through the channels that your target audience is actually using.

Don’t let your competition’s online presence beat you to the punch. Visit the mRELEVANCE website today to start building your Internet marketing strategy.