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Is Your Website Having an Affair?

social medias influcence on SEOIf your website is not having an affair, it should be! The relationship between your website and your social media program is now more important than ever. This relationship should be HOT and steamy because it influences your search engine optimization (SEO). The hotter the relationship, the better your search engine placements are going to be! After all, don’t you want to be found on page one for your name and keywords?

Search Engine Optimization experts have long suspected a relationship between social media influence and SEO results. Now the relationship has been confirmed. It is definitely a major love affair! Thanks to an interview with Bing and Google by Danny Sullivan, the editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, we know with certainty that these relationships exist, and more importantly, we know they influence the rank of your website by the search engines.

Your social media program is sending social signals about your company to Google and Bing. “So what?” you might say? This may sound like more geek speak, but this is huge news for your BIG or small business. Your company’s social reach instantly matters. From blogging to Facebook and Twitter, how engaged your followers are with you as a person and your business is the key to your successful search results. You want your friends, fans and followers to love you! Do you have thousands of followers? Do they comment on your blogs? Retweet your Tweets? Give you a thumbs-up on Facebook, or better yet, share your Facebook posts with their friends? The social signals that your followers send to Google and Bing related to your brand will cause your site to have more – or less – relevance.

You want to place your business at the intersection of Social and Search where great content is put into context for search engines and followers. Turn your customers into raging fans through social media and improve your search results at the same time.

If you are still stumped by the relationship between social medial and SEO, contact mRELEVANCE. We are here to help.