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Is Your Website Under Performing?

website designHave you ever been to a website and gotten frustrated because you can’t find what you were looking for? Or, maybe the site just took so long to load that you gave up and went to a different site? Well you are not alone, according to the SOASTA 2013 Website and Mobile App Survey, 83 percent of Americans have negative reactions to slow-loading websites. In fact, 88 percent of Americans associate negative feelings with brands that have poorly performing websites and mobile apps..

The negative associations toward underperforming websites include annoyance (75 percent), frustration (69 percent), distrust (19 percent) and anger (13 percent).

When it comes to slow-loading websites, 28 percent of respondents would visit a competitor’s website, 27 percent wouldn’t trust the website and 18 percent would never visit the page again.

So, what do American adults really want in a website? 72 percent want to visit websites that work whenever they need them to and 62 percent want fast-loading websites with no wait time. Also of note is that 38 percent want websites that are fun to use.

These results come as no surprise. For many years, I have been harping on the importance of a strong company website that not only utilizes up-to-date technologies to engage potential customers, but also one that is easy to use across all devices – especially mobile. Just this weekend I bought a plane ticket from my smart phone and went shopping at a clothing store!

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