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It Is OK to Have a Little Vanity on Facebook

mREL Facebook PageDo you have a Facebook Vanity URL? You know, a customized web address that is short, simple and to the point. It’s an important part of Facebook as well as many other social media sites. It enables you to easily share with others, creatively links you to something that is more simple to remember than a random link of numbers and symbols and gives you a piece of social media space to claim as your very own.

Obtaining a Vanity URL is painless. First, if you don’t have a Facebook page, sign up. With millions of active users, Facebook offers businesses a plethora of potential customers and a way to expand your company. Once you have your Facebook page, you must get 25 friends or fans to “like” your page. Next, go to and set a username for any of the pages in which you are an admin. It’s that simple.

Now, instead of a GIANT URL, you can reach your company at a short URL. For example you will find mRELEVANCE at Without the username URL, Facebook adds a ton of numbers and symbols after the name.

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