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Journalists Use Social Media to Find Stories

journalists use blogs as sources for storiesIf your company is using social media to share news and messages and start conversations with consumers. . .good for you! A recent study by Brunswick Research found that over two-thirds of journalists have written a story that originated via social media. Where these stories originate is interesting too! Most journalists cite Twitter as a great source of experts and blogs as the foundation for their stories.

The study focused on the trends in the use of social media by global business journalists. Key findings include:

  • Social media is increasing as an influential source of information used by journalists.
  • Social media has a positive effect on the quality of journalism, including the angle and content of stories.
  • Nine out of 10 journalists have used social media to investigate an issue.
  • Twitter provides the most valuable information sources, while blogs most often provide the foundation for the story.
  • North American journalists use and believe in social media more so that journalists elsewhere.

If your marketing and communications program does not include the use of online public relations, blogging or Twitter, contact the team at mRELEVANCE, we are here to help with your strategy and content.