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Just Let Your Fingers Do the Walking. . .

yellow pages online searchRemember the old jingle to “let your fingers do the walking” its a snap? Our fingers are still doing the walking, but it certainly isn’t in a printed phone book. A recent survey from Yelp! shows that only 24% of business owners consider the yellow page phone books relevant today. Business owners believe that only a very few customers find them by looking in a yellow page phone book. Instead business owners say that their customers’ fingers are doing the walking on keyboards, tablets and smartphones as consumers turn toward online and mobile directories to find businesses.

Online Search

With 85% of shoppers using Google, Yahoo!, Bing, or another search engine to start their online searches, a sound search engine optimization or social media optimization plan starts with identifying the search terms buyers use to find you or companies like yours online. Next, you integrate these search terms as keywords into your blog posts, online public relations, and other online content you post as part of your social media marketing program. When these keywords are used as anchor text, search engines will identify your site as relevant for these words and phrases.

You must think like a search engine. This is especially important when blogging and posting to social media sites. One place to look to see how Internet shoppers are finding your website is in your analytics account. Yikes! If you don’t have an analytics account, then set one up immediately for both your website and blog. Google Analytics is free, but there are many other programs (both free and paid) available. You may be using Yahoo, Webtrends, Allstats, and or Urchin.

Make sure that your business is reaching today’s consumers where they start their searches for products and services – online.

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