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Keep Out: Employers Not Wanted

Employers seeking access to private social media profilesTo share or not to share? That is the million dollar question that has been dominating the social media world lately as more and more employers are asking their employees or potential employees to grant them access to their private social media profiles.

A new study from American Pulse reports that 40 percent of people would quit or withdraw their job application if an employer asked for social media passwords, 22 percent did not use social media at all, 10 percent would edit their profiles before handing over access, 16 percent would delete their profiles and only 10 percent would actually hand over the information.

Additional important findings are that 64.2 percent of people would give up their jobs to keep their lives private and 85.5 percent believe that asking for private access to social media sites is an intrusion on their personal privacy.

These findings are not all that surprising considering generational trends. Baby Boomers are still a small percentage of the workforce, and they are increasingly joining the social media movement. However, this generation is more likely to share their profile with their employees since they are more trusting of institutions. On the other hand, Generation Xers and Generation Cers are both avid users of social media, but are not as keen on sharing their information with employers due to their mistrust of institutions and individualistic/personal entitlement personalities.

As requiring access to private profiles continues to be debated, it is not likely that the majority of the work force will willingly give in to employer demands based on generational trends. If you’re interested in learning more about how generational trends affect your marketing strategy, contact Marketing RELEVANCE and book our generation translation class or schedule a consultation.