Keeping Your Website Designed for Today

Website Responsive Across All Devices

You sit down at your computer, open a browser window, put in your company URL and click enter. Within 3 seconds later the site loads and you are looking at an old, dated website. The navigation is confusing, the visuals on each page are outdated, the written message doesn’t convey what your company does any more; let’s face it; your website needs a facelift.

Now that you are thinking about a new website that will stand out and bring in new business prospects to increase ROI, do you know what goes into building that new website?

In this three part blog post series we are going to address how Marketing RELEVANCE graphic design, website development and, finally, the SEO team work together to help build websites that generate leads.

When mRELEVANCE starts working on a website, our graphic designer starts with a mobile first philosophy. Creating an optimal user experience for visitors looking at the internet from their phone is so critical today because it comprises more than half of all web visitors. Creating wireframes for the mobile display of the site and the desktop version of the site is the first step in the design process. What are wireframes? They are a set of images that lays out the functional elements of your website or particular page on your website, so that you can see where exactly each element will fit, how it will work and confirm all of the functional requirements are met. They are essential in planning the structure of the website.  Not only do they plan out the website layout, they also make sure that it is mobile and tablet responsive. In this day and age traffic to any website is more than just a computer because almost everyone has a cell phone they use to look up information or on a tablet.  It is key that the pages look uniform on all devices.

Once the wireframes are complete and approved, they can then be converted into design comps. This is where our designers take the wireframes, and combine them with the look and feel of your brand. Everything that your client and potential prospects see on your website from the sliders, dropdown menus, fonts and colors, logos and branding is part of this next step in the design process.

Web design trends are constantly changing and our designers and developers stay on top of the best practices and ever changing trends. Keeping your website up with design trends and new functionality shows your prospects that you care about your message so much that you must care about what your products will do for them. In other words, better companies have better websites, and if you want your prospects to think you are better than your competitors, it starts with your website and online footprint.

Having a great, responsive designed website that represents your brand effectively and becomes the center of your online footprint is the first step to using your website effectively to increase your ROI.

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