Launch a Mobile Site

mobile siteSmartphone and tablet ownership is continuing to explode. Consumers are checking emails, using social media and purchasing—all online. This is why many marketers are working on adapting their messages for mobile devices. Is your company?

Marketing RELEVANCE recently launched a full mobile site for Highland Homes in Central Florida. The builder’s website statistics overwhelmingly showed that its prospective customers were using mobile devices as a way to view the website. What is interesting is that 58 percent of these visitors were new visitors. Since the launch of Highland Homes’ mobile site, visitors now get a better user experience. They can find communities and floor plans, as well as contact the builder or chose to view the regular site.

According to a Mashable article, “Mobile is a new paradigm. It has its own rule, standards, technologies and challenges.”

Here are a few tips to optimize your marketing materials for mobile use:

1.     Keep it simple. Since phone screens are small, the Internet connections are slower and the users don’t want to waste a lot of time, keep websites and applications simple. Make them do fewer things than your regular site, but make them do it better.

2.     Be purpose-driven. Before creating your mobile site, make sure that it makes sense for your consumers. Why, when and where does your consumer use a device?

3.     Embrace mobile technology. Instead of having consumers call a phone number of visit a site, use a QR code to allow them to quickly learn more about a service or product.

Follow these tips, and remember speed and usability are very important when designing a mobile site. Consumers using mobile devices are usually searching for something specific instead of just surfing the web.

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