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Levinson LIVE on Builder Radio

Mitch Levinson, MIRM, is LIVE on Builder Radio with tips on “How to Harness the Power of Social Media Marketing.”

He says don’t blame the ‘down market’ for lack of sales. Lots of people are still looking for homes online, you just need to find ways to get them to look at your homes.

He recommends several ways to increase website traffic and your model home traffic by looking at these areas: (This is a short synopsis of the online article and interview, so make sure to check it out too.)

1. Internet Marketing – create a comprehensive plan that includes: search engine optimization and search engine marketing, Google search results pages, email marketing and MORE.

He says, “Your company needs to appear credible through third party sources, through blog sites, social networking and social media sites – that’s where you’re company needs to capture buyers because, as we all know, everyone’s online.”

Don’t overlook social media sites, they are often visited more than your company’s website. These include industry blogs and social sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Active Rain.

2. Avoid Elimination – Levinson stresses, “make sure you are in the right places so that your name stays on the list when they get ready to make that purchasing decision.”

3. Reputation Repair and Management – protect and manage your reputation. When you Google your name, Do you like what you see? Good news travels, but bad news travels faster. Be active through social media to protect and enhance your own reputation.

4. ROI and Budget – How much to spend?
Levinson notes that most companies feel comfortable allocating about 30% of their marketing budget toward online activities, but that it should be much more. Typically, that 30% realizes a larger return that the other 70%! Although much of what has been discussed here in the way of social marketing has no hard cost other than time, he recommends that over half of your marketing budget go toward online.

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