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LinkedIn Gets Social

LinkedIn Michelle SerraWe’ve all heard the social media marketing mantra stressing the importance of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, but more often than not LinkedIn gets left out.

Many speculate as to why the professional networking site is left out when it comes to social networking conversations, but if you look closely the answer is quite clear: there’s nothing really ‘social’ about LinkedIn. Sure you can upload your resume, reach out to old friends and colleges when job hunting, or use the powerful site to research companies and find jobs, but for the most part, unless you are really active in groups, there’s not much conversation in LinkedIn.

With the LinkedIn sharing feature: Networked Activity, you can update your LinkedIn network, or the world with any information you want to share.

Key features:

  • Ability to attach links
  • Ability to limit update visibility
  • Ability to Tweet updates
  • Shortened URL service
  • A re-share function

In addition to updating your own status, you can also respond to the status updates of your friends and connections, much the same way you might on Facebook, either publicly by leaving a comment or with a private reply.


In the world of social media overload, this might just be one more site to update. The revamped feature very closely resembles a Twitter stream and Google Buzz and really provides no new reason to come back and update the page. Many say that the LinkedIn stream will be full of “business-like” updates, eliminating the personal clutter that we so often find ourselves wading through on Facebook or Twitter.

My Advice? Avoid using this platform as another forum for blatant social media marketing. I think it would be a great resource for job opportunities, professional event information and invites, as well as anything related to your industry, job etc. That is the primary information people are looking for when they come to LinkedIn. They don’t want to be blasted with all of your marketing materials.

If you think of this new LinkedIn feature as an online networking event, you’ll do great. Nothing is more annoying than the person who comes up, shakes your hand and then promptly shoves business cards in your face, expounding on all of the wonderful things their company does. Instead, the wise networker weaves their company into casual conversation. Be the wise networker on LinkedIn.

Let us know how you plan to/are using this new feature. We’d love to hear back from you.