LinkedIn Introduces New Sponsored Updates for Businesses

LinkedIn advertisingFollowing the success of Facebook’s targeted advertising and sponsored posts, many other social networks have followed suit to help their users promote their businesses and posts more effectively. While LinkedIn advertising has been around for a couple of years, more recently, the professional social media network has increased the appeal of their ads to businesses by introducing sponsored updates for company pages.

Sponsored updates allow businesses to target specific customers to see a certain update they have posted on LinkedIn. When it comes to choosing who to target, businesses can be as specific or indistinct as they’d like. Audience filtering options include:

  • Countries, states or regions within states
  • Specific companies, industries or company sizes
  • Job titles or function
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Group memberships
  • Gender
  • Age

In addition to choosing a select audience, businesses also have control over how they want their campaign to work. You control your budget and campaign length, and can choose to pay either by click on the ad or for every time LinkedIn shows your update.

One of the biggest benefits to these new sponsored updates is that they appear in users’ news feed instead of getting lost or ignored in the sidebar. Having this prominent placement increases the number of impressions your updates will receive, and increases the potential for engagement.

If your business is already an avid user of Facebook or Twitter advertising, you may be wondering why you should consider advertising on LinkedIn, too. The answer is that while Facebook and Twitter are great for reaching potential and current customers, LinkedIn is really geared towards building and enhancing business relationships, and reaching people searching for their next job. By sponsoring updates on your company’s services, job openings or news, you can reach an audience who is already seeking out this kind of information.

If your business is ready to start using LinkedIn and sponsored updates as part of your social media marketing strategy, give Marketing RELEVANCE a call at 770-383-3360.