Listening is Important on Social Media Too

Social mediaThe key to communicating is listening. If you don’t listen to those speaking to you or what is happening around you, what you have to say might be irrelevant. The same goes with social media. According to a PR Daily article, “To be a master at social media communication, you must have a strong foundation of listening.”

How do you build this foundation in the online world?

1. Set up Google alerts. This tool sends e-mail updates of relevant content found on Google based on your queries, or key terms. Want to know what people are saying about your company or clients? Generate a query for each individual company, client or relevant search term.

2. Set up Google Webmaster tools on your blog and website. Look at the inbound links report to see the number of inbound links and which sites are linking to your site.

3. Bookmark successful case studies. Read a case study or social media success story in your industry? Use social bookmarking sites, such as Digg, Delicious, or Stumble Upon, to keep track of them. That way, you can refer back to them online and you don’t even have to waste paper or ink.

4. Search on Twitter. Searching on Twitter allows you to view what others are thinking about certain issues, products and maybe even your company. Create search queries and monitor these daily. You can also create lists of people to monitor without actually following them. This makes keeping up with your competitors super easy!

5. Look at your Web analyticsat least once a month. This will help you see where your website traffic is coming from, as well as how it trends month-to-month and year-over- year.

After building a foundation, you can “listen” to what others are saying online and be able to communicate with them easier. Once connections are built, you may make new business partners or even clients. Just remember to listen!
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