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Live Webinar Hosted by Marketing Relevance With Dave LoSavio

Mitch Levinson and Heather Haskin from Marketing Relevance had the opportunity to chat via Zoom and host a Facebook live webinar with Dave LoSavio. Dave works for Champion of Culture and is an expert helping business professionals achieve personal growth and development.


The topic of the live webinar on Facebook was the growing pains that will inevitably be associated with life post pandemic. Despite current hard times, it is important to find ways to stay positive and understand how to stay on top. 

During their conversation, Dave discussed the possibility that there just might be a new normal for everyone to adjust to. Dave doesn’t take this as bad news; he sees it as an opportunity to slow down and reset. Which does not mean here won’t be a period of adaptation. Dave embraces this change by stating that we are going to adapt and it may be uncomfortable at first. However, now is the time to get out of your comfort zone and learn to manage new situations.

Adapting to change:

Mitch talked about the importance of adapting to change as it comes with a positive attitude. Not only is this important in business, but also in life. Mitch elaborated by sharing personal stories from his own life. It is essential to have an open mind and see the silver lining when things don’t always go your way. Make sure to see the silver lining. In the case of the pandemic, it includes more nightly family oriented events and quality time. Remote learning, learning to interact, and learning to adapt are a few positive impacts that come out of adapting to a new normal. Mitch talks about the dangers of remaining stagnant, and the need to learn about preparing for the unknown—whether in a pandemic or not! The ability to analyze, adapt, and having the right mindset are essential for success in business and in life. 

New normal:

Calling on different markets via Zoom is one new normal that Dave spoke about as a positive.  The emergence of Zoom and other video conferencing software are an essential mode of communication during this time. They potentially open doors for more international clients and clients across state lines. Not only is calling on different markets possible during this time, so is the need to adjust brand voice to coincide with demands of the current time. 

Heather gives a great example of how one particular company has adapted. Photography Booth Rental Company in Washington felt that their services were not exactly necessary during these times. Instead, they shifted their services. They created a new way to send out their product, keeping people smiling and staying true to their brand voice. 

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