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Make Your Business’ Online Presence Work for You

The Providence Group blogWith Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and what seems like five million other social networking sites constantly being promoted, it can be hard to choose which ones are right for your business. Just because a social networking site is the newest on the market, does not mean that your business should join. Just like building your business’ website and blog took time, using social media correctly is also time consuming.

Before diving right into a new social networking site, you should consider a few things. First, is anyone even actually using this new site? If the new site is popular among your clients and competitors then it might be worth investing your business’ time, but if not, then don’t waste valuable time and resources. Business’ should also make sure that the site is compatible with their content. For example, joining a photo-sharing site such as Pinterest without having any photos is a waste of time. Finally, businesses also need to consider if the new social networking site offers something unique that will last. Many sites have come and gone either because they were too complicated, too similar to existing sites or one of many other various reasons, so business’ make sure that the new site is not just another passing fad soon to be forgotten.

While all of these considerations are important, the biggest consideration is new social networking sites’ impact on your blog. Blogging should be the center of any marketing campaign because blogs are inherently more stable, are better for search engine optimization, are at the center of your content hub, reach more audiences, provide more control and ultimately have a longer shelf life. Blogs provide the starting point from which the rest of your social media should flow. This being said, social networking sites should never become more important than your business’ website or blog.

Yes, some new social networking sites can be worth the time and effort, but your business needs to determine which ones those are when developing a social media campaign. If you want more information on how to effectively use social networking sites as part of your marketing strategy or if your business’ blog could use some help, contact Marketing RELEVANCE.