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Making the Most of Your Pinterest Account

Keystone Custom Homes Niche BoardsIf you’ve launched your business’ Pinterest page and are looking for ways to really make the most of your account, here are some tips from our Pinterest pros at mRELEVANCE.

Connect to Facebook: One really valuable way to integrate Pinterest into your bigger social media program is to use Facebook to promote your Pinterest account. Combining the power of Facebook with Pinterest is an opportunity you can’t ignore. In addition to posting about your profile, you can easily add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook page.

Build Niche Boards: Build your boards with your target audience in mind, pinning the photos your potential clients or customers would most like to see. Some pinners are more likely to follow specific boards that interest them directly, rather than follow all of your boards. Give each board a theme, so that once visitors reach your boards, they will find lots of content for pinning. Keep in mind that your boards and pins should tell visitors all about your business, brand, mission and values.

Pin Timeless Content: Just because something isn’t new doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth posting. On sites like Twitter and Facebook, most companies post recent “news” about something that’s either recently happened or happening soon. The great thing about Pinterest is that you can post your best content from the past as sort of an archive or collection showing the progress or evolution of a project, floorplans, model home photos, etc., all neatly organized into separate boards. Don’t forget to include videos.

Use Your Best Photos as Board Covers: Remember to use the very best photos as your board covers. These are the faces of your boards, so put your very best foot forward with attention-grabbing, really beautiful photos. Your board cover defaults to the first photo uploaded to that board, but you can very easily change it. We often see board covers that are not the most striking photo on the board, and that is a mistake. Your board cover should appropriately represent the board but should also quickly grab the attention of a user.

Pay Special Attention to Your Most Popular Boards: You’ll find that some boards will gain followers more quickly than others. While you want to get followers to all of them, boards with more followers should be handled a little differently. Post more frequently to your most popular boards to engage with the most followers. If you have boards that have more followers than others, it only makes sense to pin more frequently to those boards to reach those followers more often. Keep in mind too that some of your boards’ followers will only be followers of maybe one or two specific boards, so they may miss the pins to your other boards.

Use Keywords in Pin Descriptions: It’s important to use (the right) keywords in all of your pins. Pinboards do actually appear in Google image search results. Remember to use keywords in your pin descriptions that your potential clients would most likely use; take into consideration both the keywords that Pinterest users as well as those that search engine users might use to increase your reach.

Increase Your Website’s Pin-ability: There are a few things that you should do to your website or blog to ensure that people can and are pinning from it. First, keep your site photos updated with great photography. This is something that you should be doing anyway (we can’t stress enough the importance of having good photos on your website and blog). On your blog, always include at least one image with your articles, new pages or posts, as well as your “Pin it” button. Make sure to include the “Pin it” button on your website too.

Scout the Competition: Just like with everything else, keep tabs on what your competition is doing by visiting or following their accounts. If your competitors are very active on Pinterest and you’re not, you need to get on board. If they aren’t using Pinterest, you may find that you can get ahead of them by taking an avenue that they aren’t yet taking advantage of.

Track Your Success: For business owners, one of the most important questions has to be how to measure the effectiveness of their Pinterest efforts. To assess your pinning efforts, check your Pinterest Analytics, and track how many people have been pinning from your website and how many people have viewed your pins. You can also see what’s trending on Pinterest by checking the “most repinned” list. Of course, by checking your Google Analytics, you can see how many people click through to your website from Pinterest as well.

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