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Marketing Relevance’s Newest Website Launch: View Homes

Marketing Relevance is proud to announce the launch of their newest website, Built for View Homes, one of the nation’s top 100 new home builders, on the Radmin3 platform, this new site demonstrates the innovative technology and cool new features that separate View Homes from their competitors. Knowing the importance of keeping their website innovative and up to date with the times, while catering to the changing target demographic needs of homebuyers across the country, made it even more significant that View Homes chose Marketing Relevance as their experts for all things marketing. The need for a user friendly and informative website that stands out above the crowd landscape within the homebuilding industry, and showing off their “Life.Well. Built” brand launch was the goal that was achieved when this site launched.

View Homes’ new website is integrated into and managed on Marketing Relevance’s proprietary CMS Radmin3. This CMS makes it easy for the View Homes’ team to navigate the back end of their site in real-time, and maintain their web content and data in order to control their site. “View Homes personnel is able to edit every part of their site in order to keep it current and up to date for their homebuyers” says Mitch Levinson, President of Marketing Relevance. “Radmin3 was specifically built to be easy for any client administrator to client use. It is crucial for our clients to be able to navigate and understand the back end of their website in order to gather data and use it for business purposes.” Easily update content without the need of a developer, image management from an easy to use, ‘drag and drop’ interface are two significant benefits of the web admin tool. Jeanne Conger, Corporate Director of Business Development and Marketing at View Homes, stated after testing the backend area of their newly updated website that she was “pleasantly surprised by the Radmin3 back-end software and how little training we needed to be completely functional”.

Making the site easy to use and administer was only one of the requirements View Homes had. Even more important that that was the need to give visitors and home buyers a sleek and cool website that would appeal to the several different life stage buyers View Homes builds for, and would send the message that View Homes was an innovative homebuilder ready to build the home of their dreams…regardless if the buyers is savvy or not very technical.

Every website has the capability of being the beauty and brains of the branding operation. Additionally, it is a priority that each website developed by Marketing Relevance give the visitor a fresh and positive impression during each unique visit. Most homebuilders have not hopped on the bandwagon and their websites prove it. By improving their online presence and engaging their buyers on the website and in their digital footprint, View Homes traffic has improved exponentially since the launch of this new site. By utilizing Google Analytics and event tracking on this new site, we know that the new site is up just under 20% from last year in terms of traffic, and is now overproducing at a 10% rate of call to action conversion. This site works, and looks great!

Marketing Relevance is proud of the work they have accomplished and what they have provided View Homes. We believe that the functionality requirements and design criteria was transformed elegantly to fit together and provide View Homes with exactly what they wanted.

Want to see the finished product? Check out this video and see what we can do.

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