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Marketing with Color Psychology

Whether it’s driving around looking for somewhere to eat, browsing through stores online, scrolling past ads on social media– you often form opinions about a business long before you actually experience that company’s products. And when people find or learn about a new company, the first thing they see will probably be a logo. Logos show potential customers a lot about how your business presents themselves, often through the use of color. 

Feelings Brought by Color

From a simple pool of eight or ten standard colors to choose from, there are endless emotions you can elicit in potential customers from your choices and combinations. Warm colors make people feel energized, optimistic, and passionate. Cool colors are associated with calmness and security. Blue is the most popular logo color followed by red, then black or gray, then yellow or gold. Certain hues increase appetite, while other colors provoke people, and others can completely calm them down. There are many psychological aspects in different ways of using color. Since customers most vividly remember how you made them feel, this can be totally influenced by visuals.

Finding Value in Your Color Scheme

The psychology of color can help your business establish trust and familiarity with your customers. Using colors that reflect your company’s style will enhance your branding and help show customers your voice. When a business’s color scheme and brand voice lift each other up, customers will feel like they know you much better. It is important to build a relationship like this to increase brand recognition and establish your style. Having key colors is shown to improve brand recognition by 80%, so this can go a long way for a new company getting their footing.  

Developing a Color Scheme

Many companies have succeeded with only one color on all their visuals, and many companies have found a group of colors to be successful. It’s often suggested to have no more than five colors and three fonts for your company’s logo and brand strategy. Out of the top 100 brands, 95% of them only use one or two colors, and 60% of them have no text in their logos. When I think of the word logo, McDonald’s and Facebook are the first two that pop into my head– they’re extremely simple and have never changed. 

A minimalistic strategy has worked for these companies to be recognizable, but others have found success in using many colors. Slack is a work messaging platform that became extremely successful in 2015. They took something boring– messaging your coworkers– and used purple, blue, yellow, green, and pink visuals to make the platform exciting to look at. Paired with their playful brand voice, Slack has made themselves known for being energetic and engaging, even though it’s a simple messaging app.

Tying your color scheme across all platforms that you have a presence on shows a well developed brand strategy, too. If the same colors are shown across your social media, website pages, logo, products, and communications, branding can have a greater impact. Especially for startups and small businesses who create all of their own content, having something as simple as a color scheme will make your content seem more developed and cohesive.

Connecting to Your Target Audience

Using this visual brand dynamic can now be a make or break for drawing in your target audience. The psychology behind your color scheme can bring your brand exponentially closer to your target audience. Just like posting social media content that your audience will connect with, matching your color scheme with how you want them to feel will connect them with your graphics and logos as well. Do you want your customers to leave your business feeling fresh and serene? Start with a green theme. Do you want to energize them and bring out their passions? Bring red in. Visuals largely impact how people see your brand. Having your color scheme back up the way you want your brand voice to make your customers feel will bring them closer to your brand.

Feel out if your visuals are serious, motivational, and inspirational, or fun, bright, and playful, and align with what your audience would respond best to. Images speak just as loud as words, and customers will remember how they felt in engaging with your brand.

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