Me Too: Google Plus Adds Cover Photos

Google Plus cover photoGoogle+ says, “Me too” and adds Cover Photos. In an ever changing world of social media, sites are constantly vying to have the latest and greatest thing. However, it seems that one of the newest members, Google+ is playing “Me too” with one of its older predecessors.

This scenario is similar to the one that probably occurred when you were a kid. Whenever Johnny the older boy next door got a new toy, had the most delicious cereal or something equally as envy-inspiring, you had to have one too.

In the latest “I gotta have that too” moment, Google+ has redesigned their site. Just like Facebook, Google+ now has a cover photo section, ribbon of navigation icons across the top of profiles and side of the main page, an increased emphasis on photos and a streamlined design. Also similar to Facebook, the new “explore” section is a news feed of recent activity from those in your circles. There are also other updates to the site including a new Hangouts page, and more features are expected to premiere throughout the week.

While Google+ is now up to 170 million members, it is still a “child” in many senses. While we all have grown up and most of us have gotten rid of the “I gotta have that too” mentality, it seems as though Google+ is still in its teenage years, where it is content to copy its closest neighbor. Of course, we do have to say that the new look is super cool and we are enjoying going through and updating all of our pages! Check out Carol Flammer on Google+ for an example of what your new page could look like.

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