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Meet Our Pawfice Counterparts

Meet our Pawfice CounterpartsMarketing RELEVANCE has gone to the dogs, and we’re not kitten! If you haven’t seen it already, we just wanted to let you know about our “Pawfice Counterparts” social media campaign on Facebook.

Now through May 23, we will be sharing cute photos of our team members with their pet(s) on a daily basis. Be sure to like and comment to welcome our pets to the Pawfice. They will feel loved so much that they’ll give you extra tail wags.

Why are we showing off our pets? Well, everyone likes animals! Additionally, they are a huge part of our team members’ lives. They make up the funny stories that we share around the office, and their photos already consume many of our desks. Julie’s pet even lives on her desk! (Spoiler: She has a pet rock named Puck.)

The Chicago office recently started Furry Fridays. Each Friday, a team member gets to bring in one of their furry friends to hang out in the office all day. You never know who will be sniffing around. In Cartersville, the office is surrounded by horses, goats, dogs, cats and a donkey. With so many animals, there’s always something going on—like the goats getting stuck in their feed buckets.

Since we are so humored by our pets, we thought you’d be too. Keep an eye out for our next “Pawfice Counterpart” post, because you never know who you’ll meet. Plus, you’ll get to find out a little more about our team members, their favorite mRELEVANCE services, and, of course, their pets.

At the end of our campaign, we will vote to decide who looks most like their “Pawfice Counterpart.” You won’t want to miss out! Be sure to like mRELEVANCE’s Facebook page here to see all of our posts.

Do you have a “Pawfice Counterpart”? Tell us about your pet below!