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More on Mobile Search

mobile searchHow do you use your mobile phone? I find myself using the search function more and more even if only to answer my 12-year-old’s latest question! Recent research by Performics shows that I’m not alone in my smart phone habits; 84 percent of mobile phone users use mobile search throughout the day. Search is used to find retailers, look up things while watching TV and more. The study, which focused on people who use the mobile Web at least weekly, found more than half (57 percent) use the mobile web more than once a day, with more than three quarters (77 percent) using mobile search more than five times in the last month.

Key findings include:

  • 75 percent said mobile search makes their lives easier
  • 63 percent said access to mobile search has changed the way they gather information
  • 32 percent said they use mobile search more than search engines on their computers

We are all embracing mobile search in many areas of our lives. The use of mobile search at home topped the list with 81 percent reporting evening use, 80 percent reporting weekend use and 59 percent reporting use before work. I guess it is just easier to do a quick search on the smartphone than boot up the PC or laptop?

Another 61 percent reported using mobile search at work. Maybe this is to keep the boss from knowing our browsing habits at work? Being the boss. . . . (wait for it, insert comment from Mitch). . . I wouldn’t know. Respondents also revealed dual screen multi-tasking, reporting at least occasional use of mobile search while watching TV (66 percent) or using the computer (45 percent).

Shopping too has changed. Our running errands and need an address? Look it up on the smartphone using search. The survey found that when it comes to shopping, here is how we are likely to use our phones:

  • 84 percent look for local retailer information (phone, address, hours)
  • 82 percent find online retailers
  • 73 percent find a specific manufacturer or product Website
  • 71 percent learn about a product or service after seeing an ad
  • 68 percent find the best price for a product or service
  • 63 percent search before purchasing offline in a store or from a catalog

If you need help making sure your business can be found during mobile searches, contact mRELEVANCE, we can help!