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Morgan Takes it to the Next Level at GAF Roofing Event

Morgan speaks on Big Picture MarketingManaging Partner Carol Morgan recently had the opportunity to speak at the GAF “Take it to the Next Level” roofing event at the Marriott Century Center in Atlanta. The conference was well attended and offered a variety of sessions that applied directly to the roofing industry. Carol did two sessions on Big Picture Marketing and had a great turnout each time with lots of questions, interaction and engagement.

Big Picture Marketing showcases instructions on how to build a sound marketing strategy around a company’s main assets — the website/blog, content and keywords. Key areas to focus on for a sound strategy in 2016 and into the future include:

  • Responsive Design – Corporate websites need to be responsive and finger friendly. Potential customers want to be able to click to call or fill out a contact form on the first screen. If their roof is leaking, they may not take the time to pinch and zoom on an archaic site that is not responsive.
  • Be Interactive – Website visitors may want to share product trend ideas to their Pinterest page. Having a website that includes social sharing buttons is important to buyers, and facilitates easy sharing. Additionally, content on social sites needs to be sharable to get conversations started.
  • Target Your Customers – Get your staff and sales people to engage with your social sites first, then your top influencers (vendors, banks, insurance companies). After these two groups are interacting, it will be easier to reach out to happy customers to get a testimonial. You just fixed a leak on their biggest asset! Ask for a video or a written testimonial when the job is complete and they are happy. Finally, host contests and ask questions to engage future buyers.
  • Content – Content on websites, blogs and social sites needs to be fun, interactive and engaging. A picture is worth a thousand words in terms of catching a potential customer’s eye. Include before and after photos of homes and roofs. Make it fun. Roofing is definitely fun! Include photos of new products that are available, consider shooting a video of the first three things to do when you have a leak. Have a content plan, and don’t forget to have a call to action with everything.
  • Be Visual – Photos, videos, infographics and other creative all serve to attract the buyer’s eye. Don’t forget that millennials love video, so look for ways to include it. Not only do they love video, but a recent study revealed that most millennials would rather watch a 30 to 90 second video than read a paragraph with the exact same information. The popularity of visual sites like Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and Periscope is largely due to the millennials communication style which is very video and image heavy.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Recent updates by Google have made having a responsive website imperative. Additionally, fresh, original content is more important than ever, and this is why blogging for business is so important. Each time a new blog post is added, Google and the other search engines come back to crawl the site. This equates to more content that is indexed to show up in searches, and more site visitors.
  • Testimonials and Reviews – Get out in front of unhappy Joe. Ask your happy customers to write a review on Facebook, Google+, YellowPages, Yelp or another site. Make asking for reviews part of your business process. After the new roof is on, video a quick testimonial with the happy homeowners. There are also lots of third party rating sites that will ask for feedback for your company. Several that were discussed are: Avid Ratings, Guild Quality, Thumbtack and Angie’s List.
  • Tracking – Make sure to set up Google analytics to track website traffic. Lots of information that can be used to make business decisions can be found including goal conversion rate, visit duration, pages per visit, top landing page, number of contact forms completed and much more.

If your roofing company or construction supply company is struggling with how to put a Big Picture Marketing strategy in place, give us a call at 770-383-3360 or click on the mRELEVANCE contact form.