mRELEVANCE Backend System Sets Up Clients for Success

website backend systemHaving a website that is fully functional and easily accessible is paramount to the success of any business or corporation. At mRELEVANCE, we understand that most customers will have their first experience with your company and create their initial impression after a visit to a company’s website; however, having a pretty website isn’t enough. Websites need to have high usability for visitors to easily navigate the front end of the site, which will result in capturing leads. How do we do this for our clients? With a functional backend system called rADMIN.

Our Technical Account Manager, David Stiles, explains how important it is to have a backend database system that’s capable of high performance. “The backend database that runs your website needs to be able to handle the volume of data that businesses use in making decisions. In addition, some data has layers of data and relationships that make for complex data structures. Your site must handle this as well.” He continued, “for example, our home builder sites tend to have multiple layers in a grandparent-parent-child relationship that need to be supported by a comprehensive website. One home builder may build in several different regions, have different communities within those regions, and offer different home plans, as well as quick-delivery homes, within those communities. In order for a builder to successfully reach their audience, their website needs to be easily accessible, easily updated and have a backend system that is capable of managing these kinds of layers easily.”

The development of a backend system is entirely client specific and dependent on client needs. Every site can be integrated with a leads management system so that the website is intentional about reaching potential buyers. For example, a site may have a “Products or Locations” tab, an “About” tab and a “Videos and Photos” tab. Each of these tabs needs to have easily accessible links, information and extensive data all of which is managed in a capable backend system.

mRELEVANCE builds these backend system management tools into its client’s websites. The tool is called rADMIN, or Relevant ADMIN, and it is a backend system specifically designed with clients’ needs in mind.

“With rADMIN, user experience is a big deal, and with mRELEVANCE, we focus both on the user experience when prospects visit the site and users/administrators who manage the website,” said Stiles.  He continued, “With this focus, the backend system needs to be able to relate objects easily and allow non-technical administrators an easy way to update their information. Whether it’s new products or services, new content and blog posts, tying specific products to categories of products (i.e. certain floor plans to different communities) the backend keeps them related.”

rADMIN uses the latest and greatest coding technology to give our clients an extension needed to manage their data. This backend system is the backbone of a website. Without a backend system, there isn’t a dynamic website. The backend keeps the user from having a boring, static website where the information isn’t changing. Without this backend system, making changes to a website means calling a website development company. With rADMIN, clients can easily access and change information on their site without having to contact a hired company every time.

With a rADMIN website from mRELEVANCE, our clients are set up for success with the most crucial component of their business: the website. We make sure that the backends of our client’s websites are easy and accessible so that the front end is also easy and accessible. For more information on website development or to find out how we can help you manage your site with a proven backend system, visit