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mRELEVANCE Builds RealtyJoin 2.0 – Social Networking for the Industry

RealtyJoin screen grabmRELEVANCE is pleased to introduce RealtyJoin version 2.0. This WordPress site features buddypress and a number of cool enhancements that add to interaction and the site’s overall coolness factor.

Intended for agents, buyers, sellers, suppliers, investors, builders, stagers and everyone in between, RealtyJoin is quickly becoming the “go-to” place for those seeking connections within the real estate industry. In fact a number of high profile real estate groups and associations are participating in RealtyJoin, including the Atlanta Board of Realtors®,, Southeast Valley Regional Association of Realtors®, and RIS Media.

RealtyJoin 2.0 provides each user with their own WordPress blog for enhanced social networking capabilities and improved interaction. The user-friendly website includes upgraded navigation, enhanced profiles, video options, the ability to add photos and post status updates.

“We decided to start RealtyJoin because we saw that real estate investors, REALTORS®, tradespeople, home builders, designers and others were looking for good, Internet-based tools to help them network, find and advertise opportunities,” said Andy Heller, a veteran real estate investor and public speaker, as well as RealtyJoin co-founder. “Our site is a community for real estate agents, real estate investors, plumbers and electricians, stagers, home builders and anyone who believes that the free exchange of information will increase sales.”

Visit RealtyJoin to sign up for the free introductory level, and check back soon for information about premium and executive memberships.

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