mRELEVANCE Creates New Graphics for Keystone His-or-Her Promotion

Keystone Custom Home'sIf you are an avid viewer of HGTV, then chances are you have seen the popular show, “House Hunters.” This addicting show follows buyers searching for the perfect home. Many buyers  in “House Hunters” and in real life, have a list of must-haves when it comes to buying a home. From large kitchens, a home office and an open floor plan to two-car garages, a large backyard and a basement, finding the perfect home can be challenging. With the idea that a home should be perfect for both him and for her, Keystone Custom Homes’ His-or-Her promotion allows buyers to pick an upgrade for their home. mRELEVANCE is excited to have partnered with Keystone Custom Homes to create the graphics for this promotion.

mRELEVANCE’s Graphic Designer Megan Morgan concepted the His-or-Her creative and completed the graphics in just one day! Megan ran with Keystone’s idea of Him wanting a finished basement for a man-cave and Her wanting a dream kitchen and spa bath. She incorporated these into the graphics by adding pictures of each space along with other touches.

“The His or Her campaign really started with the idea of a marriage of two worlds; feminine and masculine. With new homeowners, the idea of a space to call your own is really important to any relationship. I feel like this campaign really speaks to that, said Megan. I really wanted something that hearkened to an older time; somewhere near the 40’s/50’s, that really had the opposing but together sexes feel to it. If you look at artwork from that time, there’s an awful lot of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” kind of separation and the campaign to me really had that kind of thought behind it, whether it be about being together or separate. I thought of Comedy shows, I love Lucy, and other shows of that ilk that really spoke to that relationship. I think the idea of shoes really came from ads like that, and the simplicity of that image with some text would really speak to the clients. Rather than it be polarizing, let it bring them together with the idea of looking over Polaroids of their new dream home. The colors, font and layout really spurred from the image once I found the right one.”

Highlights of the graphics include three Polaroid pictures of three dream spaces: a man-cave, dream kitchen and a spa bathroom with hot pink arrows pointing at the pictures. The pictures have handwriting and appear to be scattered beneath the feet of a man and a woman to show what they each want in a home. The man is wearing khakis and dress shoes while the woman is wearing hot pink high-heels which showcase the luxurious upgrade options.

For a limited time, the His-or-Her promotion allows the first two buyers at each Keystone community the option to choose one of the two packages with the purchase of a Keystone Custom Home. Buyers can choose between a free finished basement for him or a free classic kitchen and Venetian spa bath for her.

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*This offer is available to the next two buyers in each community. Offer is not available in the community of Sadsbury Park. Information while deemed accurate is not guaranteed and is subject to change without notice.