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mRELEVANCE Creates Tax Campaign for Clients

tax campaignGerstad Builders partnered with mRELEVANCE to create a promotional campaign to attract attention during the spring selling season. The clever campaign targeted new home buyers with a tax return promotion.

Through April 30, Gerstad Builders will double the tax refund up to $5,000 with the purchase of a new Gerstad home. Buyers can use this money to make a bigger down payment, pay closing costs, pay down the loan or even decorate their new home. But before Gerstad could announce the promotion, mRELEVANCE had work to do creating it. Our Senior Account Manager Courtney Rogers presented a proposal to the client outlining the overall strategy. The promotion focused on the power of social media, including Facebook ads, to drive interest. Once the client approved the tax campaign, the mRELEVANCE team got busy building it.

Our graphics team and copywriters worked together to craft a few options for the client. Our goal was to create images with high impact and concise messages so that viewers found all relevant information in one quick sweep of the page. This part of the process can take a few days, while we design an assortment of graphics options to share with the clients. They then had the opportunity to make suggestions and ask for modifications. Once those are approved, we begin deploying our messages.

At the beginning of March, Rogers and her team pushed the messages onto social media channels. With all the tax day messages, it was important that ours stood apart and spoke to the right audiences. Facebook is a key component of this client’s audience, so our strategy was focused here. With the use of ads, linked blog posts, and images, we generated interest in the doubled the tax refund. Our staff also created a landing page for the promotion so that interested buyers could find more information quickly and easily. This also helped the client capture leads through a contact form.

This promo is successful because it combines something people generally dislike, doing their taxes, with something we all like – seeing our money double. While the promotion runs for another two weeks, our client is satisfied that new prospective buyers are finding their website, visiting their communities and pursuing options with them. If your company is ready to capture and convert leads, ask us how we can help.