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mRELEVANCE Launches Awards Central

awards centralHow many industry awards have you entered that you had to print and turn in by hand? Or are you an industry expert that has had to sort through dozens of pieces of paper while judging an awards entry? The staff at Marketing RELEVANCE certainly has! We’ve spent countless hours working on awards entries, triple and quadruple checking to make sure we have enough copies, hole punched the right ones, stapled the right ones and drove to the right place (in Atlanta or Chicago traffic!) to drop them off before the deadline.

We have made the entire process easier with Awards Central.

Awards Central is an online awards management solution designed to streamline awards programs for associations. From the entry process to sponsorships to judging, this online program streamlines the entire awards process.

Just about everything these days is done online, or electronically, but for some reason, may awards programs are not, wasting time and money. . . not to mention paper. Awards Central manages awards programs online, making the entire process faster, easier and more convenient for association staff, entrants, judges, sponsors, etc.

The program can be customized to meet the individual and distinct needs of an association’s awards program and is designed to be user-friendly for association staff, their applicants and judges. Some of the features include easy file uploads, reports and score tabulations, a showcase/gallery of entries, scorecard for entrants and judges and a fan/public voting feature.

Marketing RELEVANCE will officially introduce the program and all of its services and capabilities at the National Association of Home Builders’ Association Leadership Institute August 8-11 in New Orleans. If you’ll be attending, visit our booth at the Resource Pavilion or at the Cyber Café. If you aren’t attending ALI, but want to learn more, contact Marketing RELEVANCE at 847-259-7312.