mRELEVANCE Live Tweet Recap from Super Sales Rally at #IBS2011

tweeting super sales rallymRELEVANCE live tweeted during the Super Sales Rally this morning at the International Builders’ Show in Orlando. Great information from great speakers really pumped up the crowd and gave everybody new motivation and tools to do what they do best – sell homes. Did you miss Super Sales Rally? Take a look at some of the highlights from Mitch (@mRELEVANCE) and Carol’s (@AtlantaPR) twitter feeds:

Myers Barnes (Moderator), @MyersBarnes

AtlantaPR: @MyersBarnes takes the stage at #ssr #ibs2011. There is only one way to have fun and that is to make massive money!

mRELEVANCE: @MyersBarnes The quickest way to make more money is to shift your mind – You’re a great sales person!

mRELEVANCE: Learning for the sake of learning is a waste of time, learning for a result is where it is at – @MyersBarnes #ssr #ibs2011

AtlantaPR: @MyersBarnes If information could make you rich, all librarians would be rich! Apply what you learn today. #ssr #ibs2011

AtlantaPR: @MyersBarnes A degree won’t make you rich, the right idea will. Today we are here to get ideas. #ssr #ibs2011

mRELEVANCE: The test remains the same, on the answers have changes – how do I sell more homes, how do I increase my traffic @MyersBarnes #ssr #ibs2011

Meredith Oliver, @CreatingWow

mRELEVANCE: The world moves so fast – 60 million Facebook status updates every day @CreatingWow #ssr #ibs2011

AtlantaPR: One size does not fit all with technology. You get to choose what to use. Buy the right technology for you! @CreatingWow #ssr #ibs2011

mRELEVANCE: @CreatingWowThe phone is still your best communication tool for selling. #ssr #ibs2011

AtlantaPR: 3Tiers of communication – phone, email, text OR communication, information and confimation. @CreatingWow #ssr #ibs2011

mRELEVANCE: @CreatingWow “Let’s give them something to talk about – Write like you talk, have personality, don’t be boring” #ssr #ibs2011

AtlantaPR: Dig deep, look at those coals & walk the fire, don’t let technology stand in the way. Technology = Communication @CreatingWow #ssr #ibs2011

Kerry Mulcrone, @KerryMulcrone

mRELEVANCE: @KerryMulcrone “Think Retail” #ssr #ibs2011

AtlantaPR: Coupons equal currency. It’s like having a stash of cash @KerryMulcrone #ibs2011 #ssr

AtlantaPR: Take them into another world and get them shopping in our models. You want to open up w customers in line. @KerryMulcrone #ibs2011 #ssr

mRELEVANCE: @KerryMulcrone “Tidy your store up, prepare your merchandise so you will be ready when you open” #ssr #ibs2011

mRELEVANCE: @KerryMulcrone “Fill your smart cart-Builder Story, Product Knowledge, Feature/Benefits, Price and Value” #ssr #ibs2011

AtlantaPR: Urgency, Readiness and Willingness – customers need to have. @KerryMulcrone #ssr #ibs2011

mRELEVANCE: @KerryMulcrone “Find the spots where you want the people to be emotionally connected to the model and talk to them there” #ssr #ibs2011

John Palumbo, @JohnPalumbo

AtlantaPR: @JohnPalumbo What’s Your Sales DNA? Most sales people don’t close the sale because of FEAR! #ibs2011 #ssr

AtlantaPR: The power of positive thoughts makes you a STRONG sales person. #ssr #ibs2011 @JohnPalumbo

mRELEVANCE: “87% of sales people do not use numbers in their sales process – go over the numbers with the customer” #ssr #ibs2011

AtlantaPR: You are not going to get rich quick in this business until you learn how to close. @JohnPalumbo #ibs2011 #ssr

mRELEVANCE: @JohnPalumbo “the only way to create urgency is with one-of-a-kind: Feel the fire burn by having the ONLY something. #ssr #ibs2011

mRELEVANCE: @JohnPalumbo “Carpe Closum – Seize the close, 2011 is going to be just fine” #ssr #ibs2011

Bob Schultz, @New_Home_Sales

AtlantaPR: Make sure that social networking does not become social not working @New_Home_Sales #ssr #ibs2011

mRELEVANCE: @New_Home_Sales “A well defined sales process will work – if executed – will work anywhere you speak the same language” #ssr #ibs2011

mRELEVANCE: @New_Home_Sales “Have an attitude of gratitude, look forward to mystery shop and critique” #ssr #ibs2011

mRELEVANCE: @New_Home_Sales “You have to be PHD – Professional, Hungry and Determined” #ssr #ibs2011

Atlanta PR: Third trial close, shame close, establish future appointment, memory anchor point, proactive final close @New_Home_Sales.

mRELEVANCE: @New_Home_Sales “After every lost sale-quick recap, fix the problem and go on with a smile – What would Raj do” #ssr #ibs2011

Van Rose, @VanRose_RW

mRELEVANCE: @VanRose_RW “Possibility Thinking is essential, it is a choice – probably should be your first choice” #ssr #ibs2011

AtlantaPR: Possibility Thinking requires us to stop focusing on the impossible and think one size bigger. Ask What if. @VanRose _RW #ibs2011 #ssr

mRELEVANCE: @VanRose_RW “We are either moving forward in life, or backwards – there is no status quo – it is just the position we are in” #ssr #ibs2011

AtlantaPR: Look for possibilities in EVERY situation. It is what you do with what happens to you that is critical. @VanRose_RW #ssr #ibs2011

mRELEVANCE: @VanRose_RW “You can do anything with Possibility Thinking” #ssr #ibs2011

mRELEVANCE: @VanRose_RW “Do you have the guts to make the choice to empower Possibility Thinking every day” #ssr #ibs2011