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mRELEVANCE New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's ResolutionsIt has been a good year for the mRELEVANCE team. We are thankful for our strategic partnerships with our clients and industry partners. As we look to 2017, we’ve made predictions for marketing tools, set personal goals and made resolutions. We hope to inspire you with some of our resolutions in this post. Please comment and let us know what yours are.

Carol Morgan – My first resolution is to get out of the office and meet with more clients and potential clients in the metro Atlanta area. After a successful 2016 show season of competing with Johanna at 1st level in dressage, I hope to show 2nd level by the end of this year.

David Stiles – I’m going to be healthier, lose weight and spend some time focused on me!

Mitch Levinson – My New Year’s resolution this year is to be healthy and workout more in 2017 so that I am more active. I also want to get back into doing sprint distance triathlons. As for work, I hope to grow Marketing RELEVANCE another 20 percent in 2017.

Courtney Rogers – My resolution is still to be a homeowner before the year is over! If anyone reading this has a project coming on board near Downtown Woodstock, let me know!

Amanda Meade – My New Year’s resolution is the most common of them all; lose weight, be a better mother and be more organized with budgeting and meal planning.

Melissa Stocks – My New Year’s resolution is to finish unpacking from our move – last May! We still have a few boxes to go!

Megan Morgan – I want to live on my own by this time next year. I also want to go to San Diego Comic Con again, and have a good time with friends!

Mandy Holm – I’m going with the cliché resolution to be healthier in the New Year and not waste my LA Fitness membership. I always stop right when I’m seeing results, so this year I want to be more consistent with my workouts and running. #RoadToHealthy

Doug Silk – I will be more open minded when it comes to trying different types of foods.

Lauren Pond – My resolution for 2017 is to start having a healthier lifestyle and lose weight.

Njugu Gachugu – By the end of 2017, I intend to win the fight against PNE (pudendal nerve entrapment). My wife and I also intend to move into our own home and get our business off the ground.

Oksana Malevanaia – My New Year’s resolution is to be happy with my life, spend time with people that matter and stay in shape. Actually, I wish many more other things for myself and people around me that are on the list here. I wish prosperity, success and great opportunities for mRELEVANCE in 2017, I hope the Chicago office finds 20 people in Arlington Heights, and I hope Buffalo Grove starts a new Toastmaster club.

Shreyas Gaonkar – With technology changing so fast, the only way to be successful is to keep up with the current technological trends. I aim to learn one new technology (probably python) in 2017 and continue doing so every year.

Here are our 2016 mRELEVANCE resolutions. How did we do in 2016? And what do you think of our goals for 2017?