mRELEVANCE Partners Selected to Speak at IBS 2009

Both managing partners of mRELEVANCE, LLC, Carol Flammer and Mitch Levinson, will be sharing their expertise in Las Vegas at the International Builders’ Show 2009. There is no question that the home building industry has experienced a shift from traditional media to the Internet, and Carol and Mitch are both giving seminars on home to use the Internet to your advantage.

Carol will discuss the effectiveness of social media outlets in selling homes and include tips for using social media sites as part of your Internet marketing strategy. Her submission was one of only 24 topics chosen for IBS 2009 from more than 250 entries submitted to the National Sales and Marketing Council. When mapping out your visit at IBS this year, be sure to include Carol’s discussion as it is extremely beneficial to the success and growth of your company.

Equally important as Carol’s seminar, and along the same lines, is Mitch’s discussion on Internet Marketing. He will demonstrate how to effectively evaluate website tracking reports and use this knowledge for competitive advantage and increased sales. His course is sponsored by NextBuild, the technology-focused track of the IBS curriculum.

Be sure to attend these two discussion this year at IBS as you will gain valuable knowledge that will help increase sales and grow your company. See you in Vegas!