mRELEVANCE Promotion for Essex Homes Brings in 76 Home Sales in Two Months

mRELEVANCE worked with Essex to create a successful promotion that resulted in 76 home salesThe Essex Homes “His, Hers & Ours” promotion was a huge success attracting the attention of new home buyers in Columbia, South Carolina and resulting in 76 sales in just two months! mRELEVANCE worked with Essex to create the promotion to bring in new home sales and increase leads by offering home buyers a $5,000 incentive to use toward designer upgrades when they signed a contract with Essex Homes.  Homebuyers could choose from nine upgrade packages or create their own custom package.

“I absolutely loved the art for the His, Hers & Ours promotion! It was fresh, innovative and fun,” said Susan Longshore, marketing director for Essex Homes. “At first glance, prospects were curious to learn more and engaged with us through our website and by phone. Our leads and our sales increased – A very successful promotion overall!”

mRELEVANCE promoted the campaign though a variety of marketing tactics including emails to target audiences, flyers in sales centers, geotargeted and behaviorally targeted ads via Cox Media Group for personal computers, mobile and smartphones, social behaviorally targeted ads and banner ads on Facebook, blog posts on the Essex website, posts on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and public relations. Three articles were published on the Essex Blog — one that announced the promotion, another that tied in using the $5,000 incentive for Father’s Day and a final blog post reminding everyone that the offer would end June 30.

“Buyers often commented on the wide selection of features that could be added with this promotion,” said Kathie McDaniel, Columbia division sales manager with Essex Homes. “The promotion created a lot of excitement with buyers with customizing their selections to their individual taste. It proved to be a big success!”

The “His, Hers & Ours” campaign was certainly something that all buyers could relate to whether they were buying a home as a single, a couple, newlyweds , families with children, empty nesters or any other family unit.  Sales skyrocketed during the two month campaign.  The Essex blog continues to be an integral part of their campaigns with the blog announcing the promotion receiving 1,893 views.

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