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mRELEVANCE Promotion for Essex Homes Leads to 60 Home Sales

Twice as Nice Tax PromoTogether with Essex Homes, mRELEVANCE brought back the Carolina home builder’s popular “Twice as Nice” campaign for 2016, and, once again, it was an undeniable success. During this year’s campaign, Essex Homes offered buyers the chance to double their tax refund up to $10,000 with the purchase of a new home in Columbia, South Carolina. The maximum refund increased in 2016 from the $5,000 maximum promoted in 2015. With even more incentive, buyers jumped at this opportunity with Essex Homes, and 60 homes were sold during this four-month campaign!

“We were excited to re-launch Twice as Nice this year, as it was such a successful marketing campaign last year,” said Susan Longshore, Marketing Director for Essex Homes. “We knew it would be tough to replicate the success we saw the first time we ran it, but with the help of the mRELEVANCE team, it was equally as advantageous and resulted in a great first quarter for Essex Homes!”

mRELEVANCE promoted the campaign through social media sites like Facebook, through blog posts to Essex Homes’ website, via online digital advertising and through traditional public relations.

This campaign was a resounding triumph, both in the number of homes sold and in the marketing reach. In 2015, this promotion garnered an impressive 113 likes to the Essex Homes Facebook page. mRELEVANCE helped Essex Homes improve upon this total with 138 new likes during this year’s campaign.

The “Twice as Nice” promotion featured Facebook ads to get the message to home buyers. In the first three months, nearly 20,000 people were reached by the campaign, and almost 2,000 people clicked the ads to learn more. The Essex Homes blog post announcing the “Twice as Nice” event was visited 3,719 times.

Home buyers once again rallied behind the “Twice as Nice” initiative. With up to $10,000 generously offered by Essex Homes, this promotion was too good to pass up. Tax season can be tough, especially for those looking to buy a house. Luckily for them, mRELEVANCE was able to get the word out to thousands, and help Essex Homes close the deal on 60 fabulous homes.

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