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mRELEVANCE Staff Recaps IBS and KBIS Highlights

mRELEVANCE team at The NationalsFour members of the mRELEVANCE team traveled to Vegas last week to attend the joint National Association of Home Builders’ International Builders’ Show (IBS) and National Kitchen and Bath Association’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS).

Team members logged about 200 miles of foot travel at the show, but it was well worth the achy feet. They were able to visit with current clients, meet prospective clients, learn new and creative ideas to support clients, make new friends, participate in educational seminars and networking events, become better educated about the industry at a national level and have a lot of fun in the process.

IBS and KBIS provided a unique opportunity for Mike Adamczyk, web developer, and Laura Craft, senior account manager, to meet with and get to know better many mRELEVANCE clients from across the nation in just a few short days.

Mike also says that learning how to develop mRELEVANCE as a whole and better serve our clients, including getting ideas for products/services that we can improve upon, was a highlight of his trip. Laura was excited to learn more about the home building industry on a national level through events like The Nationals and Professional Women in Building (PWB) meetings, and she enjoyed the many networking opportunities where she could meet and chat with other industry professionals, clients and media.

Here are a few of the top highlights from managing partners Mitch Levinson and Carol Morgan:

• Played blackjack with real money for the first time and WON!
• Met a home builder and prospective client that said he came to the show specifically to meet her (what a compliment!)
• Was impressed by the Tech Hub Room, a technology-lovers dream venue with free WiFi that allowed attendees to ask questions and interact with the speakers live via hashtags and created a truly interactive speaking engagement with an improved attendee experience
• Enjoyed being part of the presentation team for the State of Social Media (with Chad Davis and Jamie Gorski), sharing concrete examples of how social media could be used with very specific ideas that attendees could immediately implement
• Was happy to present with friends and share team successes during the 2014’s Best Digital Marketing Tools and was proud of the great job done by everyone on the team, especially the first-time presenters
• Was very impressed with her IBS Live co-presenters, Corrine Bachman and Janette Hawkins, who were extremely well-prepared and kept up the energy and the conversation while sharing the home builder’s point of view on social media
• Was honored to be inducted as PWB Chair (this was THE highlight of the show for Carol); she was glad to see all of her PWB friends and is looking forward to working with leadership team in 2014

• Was proud that mRELEVANCE won a silver award at The Nationals for Best Social Media Campaign; the competition was incredibly fierce and we were honored to be a part of the group of winners from throughout North America
• Was happy to be surrounded by friends from Alabama and PWB while watching a tragic Super Bowl game; spending that time with industry friends made the game itself not so bad
• Had a blast rockin’ out to Grammy-award-winning superstar Pat Benatar from the stage floor with a great group of close friends
• Came home with a little extra cash after running into some luck at the casino
• Experienced new areas of Vegas for the first time, including the glitz of Fremont Street and the original gambling district of downtown Las Vegas (thanks to Professional Warranty Service Corporation for hosting a great event downtown)
• Appreciated getting to chat with several former clients that he hadn’t seen for some time who dropped by to say hello and catch up, a gesture that he really valued since he considers clients as friends
• Was honored to be inducted as Chair of the Institute of Residential Marketing’s Board of Trustees and very much looking forward to the year ahead

We have big plans already underway for IBS 2015; stay tuned to learn more.