mRELEVANCE’s 2014 Retreat: Celebrating Year Six

mRELEVANCE retreat 2014Last week, the Chicago team traveled “across the pond” (okay, not really that far) to Atlanta for mRELEVANCE’s third annual retreat. The Chicagoans were greeted with Southern hospitality and lots of tail wags and purrs at Thistledown (aka the farm). The first night was spent enjoying a barbecue dinner, smores and getting to know everyone better.

During the next two days, the entire team gathered to discuss the book Fish!, one of the most popular business parables of all time; new technical projects; social media and public relations campaigns; internal marketing; new business and even started client planning for 2015. The team also ventured away from the farm to visit client Traton Homes’ gorgeous model home in Marietta.

The retreat was not all business, though. The team bonded while taking turns cooking breakfast and lunch, eating delicious dinners together (like the scrumptious Southern cuisine at Trackside Grill in Kennesaw), playing with the farm animals and celebrating mRELEVANCE’s sixth anniversary.

Even though there were too many highlights of the retreat to list, here are a few favorite moments chosen by the team:

Carol Morgan, Managing Partner – It was fantastic to host the entire team at my farm and to learn who the animal lovers are. I enjoyed bonding with everyone, the great food and all of the big picture planning. It was also fun to see who took initiative with which task.

Mitch Levinson, Managing Partner – I enjoyed how engaged everyone was and how important mRELEVANCE is to everyone. From working together on client planning and marketing to growth and development, everyone participated and was excited and passionate in making everything better.

Laura Craft, Senior Account Manager – Getting started on 2015 planning for clients was one of my favorite moments. Planning is crucial to a strategic marketing plan. By working on planning during the retreat, we were able to brainstorm ideas that would affect all aspects of a client’s marketing. It gives us a jump start for helping our clients have a successful 2015.

Lauren Pond, Office Manager – My favorite part was the first night. Smores, fire and a great dinner. Also, I liked helping Carol with the animals. It was a nice and relaxing atmosphere to reconnect with everyone.

Melissa Stocks, Account Manager – I loved spending time with everyone and getting to know the team on a more personal level. I also enjoyed working on social media campaign ideas and touring Traton’s model home. The sales agent was great and explained the whole process of how she sells homes. Most of our clients are home builders, so I think getting this valuable insight will help us all more with the big picture. Plus, we got to eat at Trackside Grill afterwards—can’t get better than that!

Mike Adamcyzk, Web Developer – Other than hanging out with the cool Atlanta ladies, I’d say our internal marketing discussion because it was a nice way for us all to discuss and spell out how we want to be viewed as a company. I like knowing we work for a clever and fun group of people who care about what we do.

Courtney Rogers, Account Coordinator – I liked getting to meet or see members of the Chicago team again. I think that being able to be around them and learn with them makes it easier to communicate with them. There’s only so much you can discern about someone and their personality when you’re discussing websites or SEO all day.

Kyle Eggleston, SEO Specialist – My favorite part was planning 2015 marketing strategies for mRELEVANCE and our clients, because it showed our creativity.

Alyssa Hawkins, Account Coordinator – I loved having the chance to talk and brainstorm together in the same room. Everyone has such a unique perspective and even though we can “see” each other during our online meetings, it’s a different experience to actually talk face-to-face, laugh together and enjoy our Chicago teammates in person. I also learned from cooking meals together that aside from marketing and web development skills, we’re pretty talented in the kitchen!

David Stiles, Web Developer – My favorite part was our internal marketing campaign discussion. We were able to turn on our creative minds and come up with fresh and exciting ideas to bring in future mRELEVANCE clients. Everyone was throwing out ideas, actively participating, critically thinking and working as a team to reach a common goal. Most of all, it was fun!

Arati Katti, SEO Specialist – I enjoyed the Fish! book play activity. It was a great team building exercise that focused on discussion and brainstorming on what we do and what we can do, which will definitely help us to achieve much, much more.

mRELEVANCE’s 2014 retreat was a huge success, and we can’t wait for next year’s! Maybe Atlanta will get to visit Chicago? Stay tuned!