mRELEVANCE’s Managing Partner Mitch Levinson Featured on BuilderRadio

Online Marketing StrategyMitch Levinson, managing partner at mRELEVANCE and an International Builders’ Show (IBS) Bill Molster award winner, was recently featured on BuilderRadio’s podcast series to share marketing strategies and advice for builders.
The full podcast episode is available at BuilderRadio, but we’ve put together a quick recap with Mitch’s three main points:



  1. Foundation – A good marketing strategy begins with a good foundation from the company’s website and blog. Remember, keep your website and blog:
  • Current and responsive
  • Mobile and search-engine friendly
  • Trendy and design inspired

Customers use a company’s website to gauge their work quality and ability. An engaging and interactive website can help achieve a favorable view.

“Websites are a strategy used to engage people,” said Levinson. “People interact with it and share it within their own sphere of friends and followers.”

Many websites feature a tool that allows visitors to “share” with their friends on social media things they find interesting or worth a read. Companies should share their blogs on social media to gain traction with their followers.

  1. Email Marketing – Once a customer visits your website and takes the first step in creating a relationship with your brand by filling out a communication form, according to Levinson, the question then becomes, “What do you do now with that information?”

A popular tool in email marketing is auto-generated responses, but these can sometimes feel too generic and make customers feel like “any other” client. Tailored responses give a much more personal touch to keep customers more engaged. These responses can also be scheduled to distribute on specific days to continually grow the relationship in a timely manner.

With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to track clients and hone in on their interests and preferences and to identify and filter out strategies that work and don’t work. Everyone’s clicks are tracked; you know exactly where they go, what leads them to what and how long they’re there.

  1. Working with Realtors – The co-op sale is the most expensive sale a builder can make, but many buyers still opt to work with agents. Maintaining Realtor relationships is crucial to builders’ continued involvement  in these popular sales. This leads to easier interaction within the Realtor community and higher sales prices.

Online forums have made it easier for buyers to FIND what they are looking for, but the agent is still being utilized in the paperwork and contracts and in the showing of homes, serving as a facilitator or middleman. Builders are finding it necessary to work more closely with Realtors and with the real estate community so that they can at least be in the consideration process.

Don’t focus so much on increasing co-op deals, rather, focus on maximizing each deal. Most builders pay Realtors on base price, not selections and upgrades. If the Realtor is happy, they are typically more likely to encourage add-ons that benefit just the builder. The idea is, you want Realtors to be comfortable bringing their buyers to your door.

To build this relationship, many builders are hosting Realtor promotions with incentives for selling one or more of their homes and working with them to build the Realtor/builder relationship.

Levinson is the author of Internet Marketing: The Key to Increased New Home Sales where he explains how to get more quality website traffic, convert that traffic to sales center visits and more in a step-by-step format. He also recently received the 2016 Bill Molster Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) National Sales and Marketing Council (NSMC) for his work in rewriting the MIRM curriculum for the NSMC.

For information on marketing strategies, contact Mitch and the Marketing RELEVANCE team at 770-383-3360 or visit