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NAHB 75th Gala Celebration

75th NAHB GalaThis year’s NAHB Mid-Year meeting, held in Washington D.C., had a continuation celebrating its 75th year of helping build communities. To commemorate this amazing milestone, the NAHB hosted a Gala to celebrate historical stories from influential people that work within the home building community.

While attending the Mid-Year Meetings, mRELEVANCE President, Mitch Levinson and Senior Designer, Ricky Bakosh had the honor of attending this very special event. The Gala was made possible by numerous industry sponsors such as; Lowe’s ProServices, Allura USA, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and DuPont Tyvek.

The event started off with highlighting the many accomplishments of the industry, the meaning of ‘home’ and the emotional effect of the American Dream. To reiterate this point, there was a congratulatory video with statements from celebrities and former and current Congressional leaders. House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise (R-La.) also appeared in the video, taping his comments before the incident in Alexandria, Va. The entire crowd recognized the Congressman during the video with support and applause.

The featured guest speaker was Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Channel’s Fox News Sunday. He entertained the audience with a comical history about his career as an observer of the Washington policy arena. However, he made it a point to share stories close to his heart about the magnitude his home plays as an essential part of his family life. He also shared a funny story of his time playing basketball with Michael Jordan and how he actually beat MJ in a shortened game of horse.

The evening was topped off with a delicious dinner and dancing to a live band.

Levinson stated “that being a part of the NAHB for many years and serving on numerous committees, I felt honored to help celebrate this amazing milestone with everyone in the homebuilding industry.”

An important message that came across to all attendees is that the NAHB has always been a continuous fixture in the housing industry. The NAHB has worked hard to create an environment in which builders can succeed both in business and politically.