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Netiquette: Email the way Emily Post would

Karen Dry of Building Basics and Tammie Smoot of presented Netiquette at the International Builders Show today. This was a great reminder of the proper way to send professional emails that Emily Post would be proud of!

  1. Write the body of the email first, keeping it short and sweet. Try not to be redundant.
  2. Avoid emotions and stay professional
  3. No yelling please – do not capitalize words, write in upper and lowercase because it is easier to read and never use profanity in an email.
  4. Watch those symbols (lol, btw, cya, np, jk, imho, iykwimaityd) – Often symbols and abbreviations are seen as colloquial, unprofessional, suggests on the fly mentality and inconsiderate to your recipients. (symbols are relevant for your IM friends and text messages, but not for email.)
  5. Fill in subject line Succinctly. State the subject of your email in an organized fashion in 25 to 35 characters in length. Primary subject, secondary subject, topic, etc.
  6. Address it with care – you should only address the”To:” line to one person when possible. CC anyone you are mentioning in the email – especially if an action item is being outlined.
  7. Check it over – spell check! Avoid sending the email before you have reviewed the content.

For more information on Netiquette, contact Building Basics to schedule Karen to speak to your group.