New Facebook Changes Affect Branding

Social Media MarketingOver the past few months, Facebook has made lots of changes. Even though these changes may be annoying, just remember that change is constant in the social media realm. Change often provides easier and more effective ways to communicate, as well as to brand through social media. In the marketing world, just as we learn how to control our personal pages, we must also learn how to maintain our fan pages.

“The challenge for Facebook marketers is keeping up with the changes that matter,” stated a PR Daily post. “Some are cosmetic, but others will possibly impact fan engagement and number of likes.”

Here is a list of some of those changes that matter:

Insights Analytics Tool

  • See how your page’s posts reach people on Facebook (the whole site, not just your fans)
  • Track numbers for total like, people talking about this, weekly total reach of a page and friends of fans
  • Optimize content for posts by seeing what content is reaching the most people

People Talk About This


  • New likes
  • Posts on your walls from fans
  • Likes, comments or shares of your page’s posts
  • Answers to posted questions
  • RSVPs to an event
  • Photo-tags
  • Check-ins at your place

Conversations of Pages

  • Allows your brand to reach more than just fans by extending content to friends of fans

Premium Ad Unit

  • Combines page posts with social context from your fans. So, if a person viewing a brand’s ad has friends connected to that brand’s page, Facebook will share which friends like the page.

These changes will help get your brand out to a wider audience. In order to stay up-to-date with the latest Facebook fan pages, Like and For more help with your social media marketing, contact mRELEVANCE.