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New Gallagher and Henry Website Provides Users with Simplistic Flow

Gallagher and HenrymRELEVANCE is thrilled to announce the launch of the new Gallagher and Henry website – This site is all about user-friendly flow and high quality imagery. It is mobile-friendly and provides users with a clear and consistent theme across the website.

The first step in creating a better site for Gallagher and Henry was to put the website on the mRELEVANCE content management system rADMIN that was specifically built to manage large sets of data and inventory. This allowed for more control of the data and content on the site. The change to this new platform also helped in several other areas, for instance it cleaned up all of the old site’s broken pages and allowed for a better use of imagery, which is very important in selling a new home. Overall, this updated new site created a completely responsive experience that engages the user.

From a design standpoint, the site was overhauled to create simplicity and flow. This included a slight rebrand of the logo colors to make them stand out more. Yellow, black and white were chosen to create the theme of the site and because they are easily recognizable for buyers. The site’s navigation is streamlined to create efficiency and simplicity for the user.

Interactive maps allow buyers to see exactly where all the homes and communities are, as well as see the many amenities in theGallagher and Henry surrounding area, helping them to decide on the best location for their new home. Above all, this new site showcases what Gallagher and Henry does best, build beautiful new homes throughout the greater Chicago area.

Not only was the site upgraded from a design standpoint, it was also outfitted with proper Google Analytics. This allows Gallagher and Henry Builders to understand where traffic to the website comes from and what parts of their marketing efforts are effective. By applying proper search engine optimization (SEO) to the site, this has improved how the site performs in search engine results pages. By employing stronger SEO tactics on the website, Chicago new home buyers are more likely to find the Gallagher and Henry website sooner as they search using relevant, location-based home search keywords.

The site is completely responsive using the latest Google standards for mobile rankings.

“In today’s world of constantly being on the go, mobile optimization is key to having a user-friendly website,” said mRELEVANCE managing partner Mitch Levinson. “The new Gallagher and Henry site is completely mobilized and can be easily browsed on a variety of wireless devices.”

The return on investment (ROI) was very clear with this website. Over the course of the first two months, Gallagher and Henry Builders saw an increase of 253 goal completions from the new website, and although page views were down, the average time on site per session was up over 26 percent. What this means is that, through the simplification process, the home buyers were finding what they were looking for sooner, and then they took action to contact the builder to find out more information. This is exactly what Gallagher and Henry wanted, more quality home buyers in their sales centers.

“We are beyond thrilled to have chosen mRELEVANCE to create our new website and we could not be more excited about the results,” said Gallagher and Henry director of operations, Linda Staszak. “The mRELEVANCE team was great to work with and we are very happy with our new website.”

Gallagher and Henry has been a prominent home builder in the Chicago area since 1954, and the company builds in many of the best communities in the surrounding area. The range of homes includes custom-built, single-family homes to luxurious condominiums. For more information on Gallagher and Henry Builders, visit

If you are looking for a new website with a fresh user experience and a mobile-friendly, responsive design, contact mRELEVANCE by calling 847-259-7312.