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New Monthly Website Packages

Your brand starts with an effective website to greet and capture visitors, because the internet has put you front and center 24 / 7. Marketing Relevance has been designing and developing websites for almost 20 years. We understand the needs and finances of a small business; because we are one. We too have felt the ebbs and flows of budget surplus and tighter times and we understand that to achieve better times, your business needs don’t change and in fact can, and most likely will, increase.

That’s why we’ve created a new cost effective structure for our Website Development services. This new program assures that your investment provides the highest quality website to attract customers, increase sales and facilitate a great first impression.

WordPress Websites

We take WordPress websites to the next level in order to meet your individual needs. These new WordPress monthly website packages are a great entry point for any company that wants to start with something easy to manage and build up to something that can be fully customized down the road.

Radmin3 Websites

On the other hand, our fully customized websites are built from the ground up, using our proprietary content management system (CMS), Radmin3, and operate responsively on all mobile and desktop devices. These Radmin3 website packages allow us to design and develop your website with you to capture your brand and provide your customers with a great user experience.

We realize that sometimes with small to medium sized companies the need is great, but the budget is not. With our new monthly website packages you can choose the project scope that’s right for both your needs and your budget. Websites can also sometimes be more complicated than one initially starts out thinking and this can unfortunately increase the cost. With our new structure, instead of paying for your new website up front we’ve developed one- and two-year plans that helps change the high initial upfront cost into a manageable monthly amount.

Let Marketing Relevance take care of your website development needs so you can take care of other important business. View our new monthly website packages here.

Marketing Relevance is a full service marketing agency with extensive experience in website design and development. Take a look at some of our client’s websites; some have been built on WordPress and others using Radmin3. Can you tell the difference? Then contact us with any questions regarding your website needs. Call 847-259-7312 or visit our website.