Online Marketing Budgets Explained

Sherpa-chartofweek-02-09-10Social media budgets are beginning to increase across several different types of companies now that Marketing experts can see actual Return on Investment from social media sources.

With 11% of the pie, according to Marketing Sherpa, social media spending is on the rise…up from a small sliver in past reports.  Still, the bulk of internet and online budgets are websites, paid search (PPC) and email marketing. It will be interesting to watch how these numbers change over the next several months and  year as social media continues to become a much larger tactic used for search engine optimization and reputation management.

Specifically missing from this chart or not reported separately is blogging.  Is that part of a website strategy, social media strategy or some other component?  As the foundation of any online marketing program, your website and blog should be built and optimized to capture traffic and convert into contacts. External social media sources, like external blogs, twitter and facebook, should be targeted with effective and trackable goals in mind…goals like driving traffic and/or building online brand and credibility.

Is your online marketing and social media strategy effective and and can you prove it every month with analytics? Is your blog in the top 5 sources of traffic to your website?  Are you getting contacted by your network and driving sales?  Contact mRELEVANCE for our proven strategy that can help you use the internet to drive your marketing and convert sales!